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Protect Your Electronics From Power Surges in Oklahoma City

When you factor in TVs, kitchen appliances, computers and everything else that plugs in, the average Oklahoma City home has thousands of dollars worth of electronics in it. And without surge protection, all of those items with plugs are vulnerable to power surges. Rather than risk your electronics getting fried by a sudden power surge, call Alliance Expert Services to install a whole home surge protector.

Whole House Surge Protection | Oklahoma City, OK | Alliance Expert Services

Power surges can cause a lot of damage to your electronics over time, including:

  • Worn Down Circuits

  • Reduced Lifespan

  • Frequent Repairs

  • Irreparable Damages

Most people don’t realize just how common power surges are. Mostly you only think of power surges as a side effect of lightning strikes, but they can also be caused by disturbances from the power company and even by your home appliances turning on and off! If your lights dim when you turn on an appliance, you probably need whole house surge protection.

Give yourself peace of mind that the electronics you’ve invested so much money into will be safe from sudden power surges. Call Alliance Expert Services at (405) 236-2222 to have a whole home surge protector installed today!

The Best In The Business

Alliance Expert Services only hires the best technicians to complete your whole house surge protection services. When you call us to schedule service, you can rest assured that the technician we send out will be:

  • Licensed and bonded

  • Background checked and drug free

  • Courteous, clean and professional

  • Competent, trained and certified to perform the electrical services you need

  • Continually training to provide the latest knowledge of material and equipment

  • Dedicated to being on time, providing quality workmanship and exceptional customer service

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