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Call Our Oklahoma City Electricians And Never Lose Power Again

Oklahoma City can experience some pretty volatile weather throughout the year, so power outages are to be expected from time to time. While a power outage will no doubt cause inconvenience, they also pose another problem: when the power comes back, the surge of electricity can damage your electrical appliances. Whole house generator installation from Alliance Expert Services can help residents throughout the area prevent damages caused by power outages.

Whole House Generator Installation | Oklahoma City, OK | Alliance Expert Services

The average Oklahoma City home contains electrical appliances worth up to $8,000, so the damage from a sudden loss and return of power can be extensive. At Alliance, we strongly recommend that every Oklahoma City homeowner have a generator to protect against sudden power loss. A portable generator works well for short periods, but we recommend whole house generator installation to ensure that all your electrical needs are met regardless of whether the local power grid is working.

Reasons to install a generator:

  • Never lose power

  • Be sure life-saving medical equipment has power

  • Hardwired to your electrical system—no need for power cables

  • Fully automated—no manual start

  • Much less noisy than a portable generator

  • Peace of mind

Not all generators are created equally. Many factors go into choosing the right whole house generator for your home, including fuel type, home size and where we will install the generator. Call us today at (405) 236-2222 to receive an estimate or to learn more about our home generator installation services.

Licensed Electricians You Can Trust

When you call Alliance for home rewiring services, you can rest assured our trained and certified technicians will arrive at your home on time to perform the electrical wiring services you need. We require that our electricians not only be licensed and bonded professionals, but drug free, background checked, courteous professionals that you can rely on.

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