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Oklahoma City Electrical Wiring Services

Aluminum wiring was widely used for electrical system installations during copper shortages in the 1970s, affecting a lot of homes in the Oklahoma City area. While it was originally thought to be a good alternative to copper electrical wiring, aluminum has since been found to pose more safety risks than copper; it tends to short, overheat and deform at connection points. If your home has aluminum wiring, prevent electrical safety problems by calling Alliance Expert Services for home rewiring services.

Rewiring A House | Oklahoma City, OK | Alliance Expert Services

Not sure if your home has aluminum wiring? Just call Alliance to schedule an electrical inspection and we’ll find out for certain what type of wiring your home’s electrical system is composed of and whether there are any problems with it.

Signs You May Need Home Rewiring Services

  • Face plates at light switches and electrical outlets are warm to the touch

  • Burning plastic smell around outlets and switches

  • Lights flicker randomly

  • Circuits that don’t work.

If you notice any of these signs, call Alliance Exert Services at (405) 236-2222. We are your source for all electrical wiring services in Oklahoma City, including updating outdated wiring. Our electricians can take care of all your home rewiring needs.

Licensed Electricians You Can Trust

When you call Alliance for home rewiring services, you can rest assured our trained and certified technicians will arrive at your home on time to perform the electrical wiring services you need. We require that our electricians not only be licensed and bonded professionals, but drug free, background checked, courteous and reliable professionals.

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