Generator Services in Oklahoma City, OK

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Oklahoma City has some of the most violent weather in the state, which can lead to major power disruptions. Power outages can seriously affect your quality of life, preventing you from heating your home in winter or running your AC and fridge in summer.

We offer reliable whole-home generator installation to help you make sure that your home always has power. You can count on our team at Alliance Expert Services to install a backup generator so you can handle power outages with ease—regardless of the cause.

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How Do Backup Generators Work?

A backup generator is a fixed unit that we install outside your home. It’s relatively small, about the size of an AC unit, and will provide power to your entire home.

All our electrical generators have automatic sensors that detect an outage, and when it does, it will automatically turn on. Once the power comes back on, the generator will turn off until you need it again.

When it comes to backup generator installation, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can get a system to power your entire home or select circuits, such as your fridge and furnace.

We can provide generators for residential or commercial properties, and you can also choose the fuel type you want to use. Many of our generators tie into your natural gas line, which means you don’t have to worry about manually refilling the generator with gas or diesel.

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Why Choose Us?

We take our job very seriously. That’s why we ensure that our technicians get the latest training and stay up to date with new installation techniques and generators. As the leading generator installation company in Oklahoma City, OK, we’re here to ensure that your home or business has power no matter what the external circumstances.

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