Whole House Surge Protection in Oklahoma City, OK

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Chances are you have thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics plugged in at any given time. These electronics are vulnerable to power surges during thunderstorms or blackouts, which can cause irreparable damage.

At Alliance Expert Services, we offer expert surge protector installation in Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding areas to protect your devices and keep them safe from unexpected power surges.

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What Is Whole House Surge Protection?

A whole-house surge protector is a small device that blocks sudden power surges, ensuring that they don’t reach your vulnerable devices.

While most people associate power surges with lightning storms, there are quite a few other causes as well, such as:

  • Power outages
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Electromagnetic pulses
  • Power grid malfunctions
  • Short circuits and tripped breakers

Even a small power surge can limit the lifespan of your electronics, and accumulated damage can lead to completely fried circuit boards in your appliances.

Benefits of a Surge Protection Installation

Modern homes have more electronics than ever before. From home entertainment systems, appliances, and even LED bulbs, many items in your home contain circuit boards vulnerable to power surges. The main benefit of surge protection is that you ensure these devices are kept safe and maintain their longevity.

While you can buy items like surge protector plugs, a whole home installation protects every outlet in your home. You can even install layered surge protection that connects to the electrical panel and to every outlet, protecting your electronics from multiple surges.

Many insurance companies don’t cover damage due to power surges. Those that do often charge hefty monthly fees for the privilege. Having household surge protection can help mitigate the financial risk of damage due to power surges and may even reduce your insurance premiums.

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Work With the Best Electricians in Oklahoma City

If you’re ready to protect all your household devices, look no further than Alliance Expert Services. We’ve been installing top-quality whole house surge protectors since 1990. Our licensed and insured contractors can fix, replace, or install electrical and HVAC devices of all types, shapes, and sizes. We offer:

  • Excellent service
  • Superior results
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Straightforward pricing

You can count on us to ensure that your electronics are safe from power surges year-round, rain or shine.

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