Dedicated Circuit Services in Oklahoma City

Keep your most important appliances safe with a dedicated circuit installed by our pros at Alliance Expert Services.

We live in the day and age where people buy and add new electrical appliances to their homes every day. It has become normal to have a home filled with electrical and smart appliances to make your life at home as convenient as possible. However, if you add all these appliances to your home without checking your power usage, you will likely end up in a world of hurt concerning your electrical panel. That said, investing in dedicated circuits could save your life on this front. If you are unsure of whether or not your home needs a dedicated circuit installed, be sure to give your local Oklahoma City professionals a call at Alliance Expert Services. We have the answers you are looking for!

Looking for more power in your home? Be sure to ask how a panel upgrade can help accommodate modern appliances and home upgrades.

What Are Dedicated Circuits?

Dedicated circuits are becoming more of a necessity every year, with the constant push for more electric appliances in the home. More homes are having them installed because they keep your home safer from possible electrical fires.

A dedicated circuit is simply a line of electricity fed directly from the electrical panel to a designated appliance or computer. This means it has its own breaker on the panel as well.

It is most common to do this with appliances that pull a lot of power like a refrigerator. The purpose is to keep these types of appliances from causing an overload in the system leading to a breaker getting tripped.

The Benefits of Dedicated Circuits

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a dedicated circuit is that it significantly reduces the chances of an electrical fire starting in your home. Aside from this, though, there are a number of other benefits that make investing in dedicated circuits worth your while.

Some of these common benefits are:

  • Extending the life of your electrical system.
  • Staying up to code with your electrical usage.
  • You can know sooner if the appliance is experiencing an electrical problem.
  • Increases the overall productivity of the appliance.

No matter what electrical issues you may have, you can count on our troubleshooting and repair service to help you find a long-term solution.

Using Dedicated Circuits for Computers

Dedicated circuits are great because they significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires in the home. This is especially true for homes with one or more computers. If you have a desktop computer, it is recommended you use a dedicated circuit for the computer.

Doing so will provide the following:

  • Increased productivity as a whole
  • Reduced electrical noise
  • Increased efficiency

Desktop computers require a lot of energy to work properly, and a dedicated circuit will ensure the computer gets all the energy it needs without overloading your electrical system. However, it is important to discuss this with one of our professionals to ensure this is the best choice for you.

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