Oklahoma City Ceiling Fans & Chandeliers Services

Our technicians can improve your home's aesthetic appeal and functionality with ceiling fan and chandelier services – call us today.

At Alliance Expert Services, we offer a top-quality ceiling fan and chandelier installation and repair in Oklahoma City, OK. All our services include guaranteed workmanship, straightforward pricing, and financing.

We rely on extensive experience and skills to provide you with complete customer satisfaction and safety. Our solutions are available to both residential and commercial clients, and we take all considerations into account, including the condition of your building’s wiring.

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How to Know If You Need a Ceiling Fan Replacement

A ceiling fan is an energy-efficient solution to keep a room cool and add visual interest. Ceiling fans have an average lifespan of ten years. When a unit reaches the end of its functional lifespan, it is time for a replacement.

Signs that you may need to replace your ceiling fan:

  • An outdated appearance.
  • Flickering ceiling fan lights.
  • Vibrations, strange noises, and unusual movements.
  • High utility bills.
  • Insufficient airflow or performance.

In the case of a wiring issue or minor defect, we may be able to repair your ceiling fan instead of replacing it. We’ll always recommend the most cost-effective option.

Benefit from Our Professional Chandelier Installation Services

Chandeliers are generally more complex than conventional lighting, and they have unique installation and repair requirements.

A chandelier has complex wiring, and it poses a high risk for overheating and shorts. Additionally, chandeliers are heavier than regular light fixtures, and they require special fittings to carry their weight. If you don’t have experience with chandelier installation or repair, you risk a fire or damage to your belongings if you do the work yourself.

Using our chandelier repair and installation services, you get peace of mind that your new expensive chandelier and its wiring are up to code. Our service takes your space’s safety and functionality into account, which maximizes your value for money.

Ensure that your home’s electrical systems are safe and functioning with our electric wiring services.

Expert Chandelier and Ceiling Fan Installation Services

At Alliance Expert Services, we go the extra mile to ensure that your ceiling fan or chandelier is safe and fully functional. Our first commitment is to provide complete customer satisfaction while maintaining the highest level of integrity and craftsmanship.

Our technicians have over 30 years of experience in electrical services, and they are courteous and professional. We do a thorough assessment of any electrical units and wiring before recommending a practical solution.

Alliance Expert Services has been providing expert electrical services in Oklahoma City, OK, since 1990. For a professional chandelier replacement or ceiling fan repair, call us today at 405-236-2222.