Oklahoma City Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Charge your EV at home – Call Alliance Expert Services for your electric vehicle charging station installation.

Do you own an electric vehicle (EV)? Is your home miles away from the nearest charging station? Avoid the inconvenience of not knowing where to recharge. Contact Alliance Expert Services for electric vehicle charging station installation services in Oklahoma City, OK.

We can install an electric vehicle charging station for all types of electric vehicles, including models from Tesla, Wheego, and Coda Automotive, among others. Trust our fully licensed and trained technicians for an EV charging station that reduces your carbon footprint and quickly charges your car.

Need more than just a charging station? Contact us for electrical panel upgrades and EV outlet installations.

Electric Car Charging Station Installation Options

Before installing an electric vehicle charging station on your property, our experts will perform a site inspection to ensure that the EV car charger we install fits your unique needs and budget. Options that we install in Oklahoma City include:

  • Level 1 Chargers: This option is the cheapest to install and can charge most EVs. It works with a standard three-prong safety outlet, but charges slowly (up to 20 hours for a full charge).
  • Level 2 Chargers: These are the most popular type of home EV chargers. They use a 240-volt circuit to deliver a full charge in about three hours. Working with our team at Alliance Expert Services guarantees that you get a Level 2 charger that is safe and compatible with your specific electric vehicle.
  • Level 3 Chargers: Level 3 models are faster than Level 2 chargers, but aren’t suitable for home use because they consume a lot of power. Get this charger type if you intend on running a public electric car charging station.

Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Home & Save Money

Your average public charging station in Oklahoma City charges between $0.11 and $0.15 per kilowatt-hour. However, the residential energy rate averages about $0.09 per kilowatt-hour—and you don’t have to go anywhere to charge up.

While there is some initial cost to electric vehicle charger installation, most drivers recoup their costs in just a few years.

All our electric vehicle charger stations also come with impressive warranties to protect your investment. If you already own an EV charger, we even offer maintenance and repair services.

Don’t think your old wiring can support EV charging? We can fix that too. Call our team for rewiring services!

Choose Alliance Expert Services – Oklahoma City’s EV Charger Specialist

Our licensed and experienced contractors provide EV chargers that are safe, efficient, and convenient.

Plus, we offer transparent pricing and never charge hidden fees. That way, there are no surprises when you receive your invoice. When you choose us, you enjoy:

  • Polite staff
  • Three decades of experience
  • Safe, quality results
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Quick turnaround times

For residential or commercial EV charger installation, call Alliance Expert Services today at 405-236-2222 to schedule services in Oklahoma City, OK.