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At Alliance Expert Services, our goal is to help homeowners in and around the Oklahoma City area take control over their HVAC and electrical systems. While we’re always there to help with repairs, installations, and maintenance, being an informed homeowner is also key. That means helping answer some of the most common questions there is in regard to your home’s systems.

As a rule of thumb, always do your best to avoid challenging DIY work. Instead, work with our expert staff for AC repairs, furnace maintenance, and everything in between.

  • What Should I Check Before Calling for AC/Heater Repair?

    A few things to check before calling a professional include:
    • Check and replace any filters.
    • Check the vents for obstructions.
    • Check the outdoor unit and clear debris.
    • Make sure the thermostat works properly.
    • Replace the batteries in the thermostat.
    • Check the breaker to make sure everything is in the “ON” position.
  • What Are Good Reasons to Switch to a Geothermal Heat Pump?

    A few reasons to switch to a geothermal heat pump are:
    • Check and replace any filters.
    • Runs on renewable energy.
    • Doesn’t burn fossil fuels.
    • No dangers of a gas leak.
    • No dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.
    • Heat and cool the home evenly.
  • What Are Reasons for Breaker Panel Issues?

    The breaker panel is the main hub of electricity in your home. Generally, if you’re dealing with issues like damaged outlets, flickering lights, and even power outages, the panel is the thing to blame. There are many different reasons someone can have breaker panel issues. A few common reasons include:
    • Check and replace any filters.
    • The breaker panel is old.
    • The breaker panel is overworked.
    • An oversized breaker.
    • Double taps.
    • Corrosion.
    • Faulty bonding.
    Once you start needing frequent repairs to your breaker panel, it is time to invest in a replacement. Another great time to invest in a replacement is when you purchase new electrical appliances. Our professionals can tell you what breaker panel will work best for your household needs.
  • What Are Benefits of Outlet Replacement?

    • GFCI: They cut off electrical power to the appliance or electronics completely in the event of a power surge or flood to help save the appliance from frying.
    • AFCI: This outlet protects the branch circuit wiring from arcing faults. In a sense, this outlet helps protect against electrical fires.
    • USB: USB outlets work great in any modern home because they allow you to plug things, like phone chargers, directly into the wall without a block plug-in adapter. It saves you time, money, and space.
  • How Can I Service My Own HVAC System?

    The best way to keep your HVAC system well-maintained in between appointments is to stay on top of when you change the air filter, as well as when the air ducts need to be repaired. Anytime your HVAC system shows signs of possible efficiency or functionality problems, it is best to call in a professional to have it serviced properly.
  • How Do I Reset a Tripped Breaker?

    Most breakers can be reset by flipping the breaker all the way off and then all the way back on again. If you try this and the breaker doesn’t reset, you should immediately call us at Alliance Expert Services.
  • When Should I Call a Professional?

    Whether you need a service or not, it is always recommended to call a professional before you start trying to repair things on your own. You could end up hurting yourself or causing expensive damages to your home in the process. Even if you just need to call a professional for advice, you should make the call the moment you notice an issue or want to try and fix something yourself.

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