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Electrical Outlet Installation in Oklahoma City, OK

Everyone has probably experienced the frustration of not having enough electrical outlets. As the number of electrical items we rely on increases, so does the number of outlets we need to power them. Rather than making a daisy chain of power strips to meet your power needs, call Alliance Services for safe, professional outlet installation.

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Signs You May Need New Outlets

  • You need more places to plug in: While you can use power strips or surge protectors, these are designed to be a temporary solution. If you find yourself constantly searching for an open receptacle, simply call Alliance to install an outlet.
  • Your outlets show signs of damage: Wear, discoloration and cracking are all clear signs that you need new outlet installation. You should also keep an eye out for loose outlets; these present a serious electrical fire risk and need to be replaced right away.
  • Your outlets aren’t grounded: Ungrounded outlets have two plug slots but lack the third, ground wire hole. These outlets are no longer in code and present an unnecessary danger to your property, so be sure to get new outlets installed if yours aren’t grounded.
  • You own an electric car: You can charge your car’s battery using regular outlets, but you’ll get a much more efficient charge by having us install an EV charging station.
oklahoma city electrician
oklahoma city electrician

Why Choose Alliance Services?

Ensure your outlet installation, repair and relocation services are done safely by hiring a professional electrician like Alliance. How-to tutorials online can show you how to install an outlet, but they can’t show you how to tell if your circuits and wiring are capable of supporting the additional electrical load. Your Alliance electrician will complete your outlet installation safely and ensure that the new outlets won’t pose any kind of fire risk.

Alliance Services has been Oklahoma City’s source for high quality electrical service since 1990. Our team of dedicated, licensed electricians always puts your needs first, providing customer-focused service and quality solutions you can trust. Call us to meet your outlet installation needs today. (405) 236-2222

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