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Crucial to Your Oklahoma City Home’s Electrical Safety

Dedicated circuits are required by the National Electrical Code for the major electrical appliances in your home. They ensure your appliances get enough power to operate safely, without overloading the system and risking outages or fires. The highly knowledgeable electricians at Alliance Expert Services will make sure your Oklahoma City home is code compliant and has sufficient dedicated circuits to safely power your appliances.

Dedicated Circuit | Oklahoma City, OK | Alliance Expert Services

What is a dedicated circuit?

A dedicated circuit is exactly what it sounds like: a circuit intended for use with a single appliance that has its own circuit breaker. Certain major appliances may require a dedicated circuit, such as:

  • Stoves & Ovens

  • Refrigerators & Freezers

  • Microwaves

  • Dishwashers

  • Garbage Disposals

  • Washers & Dryers

  • Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Sump Pumps & Water Pumps

  • Jacuzzis

  • Blow Dryers

If your breakers trip every time you try to run two appliances at the same time, you probably need a dedicated circuit. Contact Alliance Expert Services to have our electricians evaluate your circuits. We will give you an honest recommendation for how best to proceed.

Call Alliance today at (405) 236-2222 to schedule your dedicated circuit evaluation.

Safety Is Our Main Goal

At Alliance Expert Services, your safety is our main concern. When your home’s electrical circuits are overloaded, it poses a serious safety risk; constantly tripping breakers are annoying, but they also increase the risk of electrical fires in your home. Our certified electricians will install your dedicated circuits, bringing your home up to code and increasing your its safety.

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